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Your Socially Distant Christmas Gift List

ver there was a year to send your favourite food-lover a little something special for Christmas, this is it. Not only will you make their week, but you’ll be helping to support Irish businesses too. Sure, you can send a voucher (and we recommend throwing a few in the bag), but if you’re looking for something that shows just how much you’re thinking about them when you can’t actually be with them, the gift of food is what Christmas is truly about. Please note that prices below are excluding delivery - you’ll need to check out the websites for delivery costs depending on where you’re sending the goods.

What to Get The Work Colleague You Really Miss

Months of Zooms, virtual team building, and seeing more of your colleagues’ cats (and babies) that you’d ideally like, can mean that some workplace relationships are a little terse. However, if you’re genuinely missing your lovely workmates and want to start their Christmas off on a happy note, you might want to arrange a surprise delivery to say thanks for all the whatsapp voice notes this year.

A Dumpling Making Kit

Yumo meal kits spun out of Aungier Street restaurant Bao House a few months ago, and we've been properly impressed at the quality of dumplings we can now make at home. We've been known to not let our stash of frozen dumplings from the Asia Market run dry, but these are a big jump up (crispy, chewy, juicy and full of filling) - plus you have the fun of actually making them. They've also added bao and wonton kits, and deliver in Dublin, Meath, Kildare and Wicklow. Order one for you and one for your colleague, and hit up zoom for (hopefully) the last time this year. Get your meal kit here.

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Source: All The Food

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