Vegan Choice: Crispy Teriyaki Tofu Bao

Salad dish again tonight? Thinking with some Asian cuisine? Sushi sounds a good choice! Or how about trying something different with teriyaki sauce!

Yumo knows vegetarian loves smoothy sweety teriyaki sauce. However, if you have tried many restaurants tofu teriyaki may with different versions. Some are super sweet, some very spicy, most are deliciously salty. Now Yumo is giving out the ultimate tofu teriyaki recipe. We just want to create something special for you!

The crispy teriyaki tofu recipe is better than takeout and easy enough for a weeknight dinner! Asian tofu dressed with sticky sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce. It is a perfect match with plain soft and fluffy bao bun for a knock-your-socks-off vegan meal!

Yumo believes this version is better than every restaurant version you have ever tried.

Here is how it’s done!