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Authentic Asian Recipes deliciously made by you
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From first opening our doors in Dubin’s city center in May 2018, we were very excited about introducing this world-renowned snack food to the city, which originated from Fujian province in Southern China. Consisting of a steamed bao bun stuffed with a variety of deliciously tasty fillings, Bao House restaurant in Aungier Street, has been keeping people in the area suitably nourished with our supply of freshly made bao dishes ever since. Given the increasing appetite for exploring Asian cuisine among the local populace, we decided to expand our range to include other culinary delights from the region to satisfy the adventurous palate.


While staying at home during the Spring period this year, we looked for inspiration on how we could continue to facilitate our customers demand for our signature dishes, without sacrificing the quality and freshness of our product. As any adventurous foodie might recall in their efforts to make gyoza/dumplings, the stress of sourcing the ingredients or exhaustive kneading the dough in an attempt to recreate the taste of their favorite Asian treats, was always going to be a challenge. This process led us on a journey which culminated in the testing and development of a simple method which allowed our customers to recreate our favourite dishes from their own home kitchen, utilizing the freshest of ingredients sourced from local producers, the idea of the Yumo DIY meal kit was born.


We believe our Yumo Meal Kit’s offer the ultimate experience for anyone adventurous enough to recreate a range of authentic Asian dishes from the comfort of their own home, while retaining the same authentic flavour they have come to expect from Bao House. Making every effort to use sustainable packaging, our meal kits offer our customers the ability and know-how to come up with their own creations, based on our simple step-by-step guide. The kits are specially designed for people looking for something new and creative to try, whether at home with the kids or with their friends and loved ones, making your own Bao/Gyoza is a great way to start.


Through our easy to follow step-by-step guide, we have brought the original taste of the home cooked Bao/Gyoza to you. Our sourcing of the freshest ingredients, all vacuum packed and chilled prior to their arrival at your door, has dispensed with the hassle of having to source the necessary ingredients, or suffer the pain of mixing/rolling the dough. Just review our extensive range of regular and vegan options, and order one of our many Bao / Gyoza dishes on-line, to wrap with your favorite fillings, and away you go.

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