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At Yumo, we take pride in working with the best Irish suppliers, bringing quality and award-winning food to our authentic bento receipes. We know our customers not only love great value but also love great taste, that's why we are passionate about working with the very best in local Irish produce.


Silver Hill

Founded over 50 years ago by Ronnie and Lyla Steele, Silver Hill Foods is a fully integrated family owned Duck Company. 

Annaghs Farms Bento Talk Supplier

Annaghs Pultry Farm

Annaghs Poultry Farm is a leading egg producer in the North-East of Ireland. 

McCarre BentoTalk Supplier

McCarrens Farm

Over 5,000 people work with McCarrens Farm, across 43 countries, delivering prime cuts of fresh meat, successful brands and on-trend, food innovations to customers.



Kepak is one of Ireland’s leading meat producers with 15 manufacturing plants in Ireland and the UK. Meat craft, trusted quality and excellent service are the pillars of our proud heritage.

Pallas BentoTalk Supplier.jpg

Pallas Food Services

Pallas Foods is the largest food business on the Island of Ireland. What was started by the Geary family has now grown to a team of over 1,300 people delivering food solutions to thousands of customers every night. 

River'view Poultry BentoTalk Supplier

Riverview Poultry Farm

Riverview Eggs and the Kelleher family are passionate about providing the best quality eggs at all times.

Look out for more of our Irish suppliers coming soon...

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