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Steamed dumplings are delicate, bite-sized treats of different fillings wrapped in a thin but elastic layer of dough. They are usually steamed in bamboo steamer baskets, which absorb excess moisture and condensation while allowing steam to move throughout the circular frame. It's a gentle cooking process that helps retain flavor and texture.


Steamed dumpling is a traditional festival food in China, which is a must-eat food in Spring Festival every year. Sometimes, people place a coin or candy inside the dumpling with the meanings of obtaining a fortune or having a sweet life.


Steamed dumplings are a great starting point if you want to take up challenge of making fresh dumplings for the first time.

Classic Dumpling Kit | Pork & Chives

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  • The classic dumpling meal kit includes the following items:

    1. 250g pork mince
    2. 150g chives
    3. Spring onions
    4. Pork mince marinade 
    5. Filling seasoning sauce
    6. Filling seasoning spice 
    7. Pre-made dumpling wrappers 
    8. Dumpling dipping sauce 
    9. Chopsticks set x 2
    10. Non-stick steaming parchment paper


    From your kitchen 

    1. 1 x mixing bowl
    2. 2 x plates
    3. Sauce pan & steamer with lid 250ml cold water
    4. 1 x small bowl
    5. 1 x cup cornflour
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