You discovered the best Dumpling Meal Kits in Lockdown

The lack of dinner time inspiration has hit us hard. We’re all in a lockdown and you may be missing life’s simple pleasures, like going out to your favourite restaurant. Eating home-cooked meals all the time isn’t quite the same and we’re starting to lose interest in our own culinary repertoire, it has to be said. Sometimes, we just can’t be bothered and instead find ourselves craving a dish from a local hotspot. Like dumplings, these little delicious goodness are one of those meals we used to order when we are in an authentic local restaurant. Most of the places now are closed.

It’s about time you upped your dinnertime with a little help from the professionals. Yumo Meal Kits have revolutionised for lockdown and created the ultimate at-home dumpling/gyoza kit that’s going to totally level up your cocooning.

Yumo Meal Kits | Next Day Delivery in Dublin

No matter how long we slave over some steamed dumplings, warm bowl of won ton soup, or crispy pan fried gyoza, we just haven’t managed to satisfy our craving at home just yet, that was until this the Yumo Meal Kits arrived at the front door.

Providing everything you need to make an authentic dumpling meal for two persons in 30 minutes. We were totally blown away with the attention to detail; from well-balanced protein and Asian vegetables through to the proportioned seasonings, not to mention the signature dipping sauce.

Yumo Meal Kits

Needless to say, the DIY box is the next best thing to eating in ChinaTown itself (and you can eat them in your pyjamas without getting kicked out).

Ideal For: World cuisine themed nights to spice up lockdown.