Seven to try: low-cost authentic Asian eateries

When you’re looking to be fed fast, well and without breaking the bank, you may want to think about heading to that unassuming Asian spot that you often walk by and wonder about. While some may shy away from laminated menus, bright lights and no-frills service, these can be part of some of the best meals around town. Here’s a small taste of the authentic, cheerful eateries in Dublin that should be kept safe in your mind for when funds are low, time is short or you just really need to satisfy your taste buds.

Kimchi Hophouse, 160-161 Parnell St, Rotunda, Dublin 1

Tucked away in an old school pub on Parnell St, Dublin’s oldest Korean restaurant is a much-loved and not-so-secret dining gem. It more than delivers on great value and really tasty food with a broad Korean-Japanese menu. Try some Korean tapas, a bit of sushi, steamed wontons, sizzling bowls of bibimbap, washed down with some cold beers. The somewhat riotous vibe and unfussy interiors make for a laid-back, delicious lunch or dinner.