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PICS: Aungier Street Has A Brand New Bao Store And We're Drooling Already

Bao lovers of Dublin, now is your time to shine. 

The Taiwanese snack of a steamed bun stuffed with a variety of tasty fillings has made its way over to our little island in dribs and drabs (there's How Bao Now down at the markets on Mespil Road and Spencer Dock and Bao Boi in Cork, to name but two) and now there's a dedicated spot in town for some wow bao. 

So, what's to look forward to on Aungier Street then?

Greedy food lovers of Dublin, meet Bao House

Bao House threw open its doors just a couple of weeks ago, and has been keeping people in the area steadily fed with a supply of bao and rice bowls ever since. Basically, you can eat all the bao you want from 9am daily until they sell out. 

Take a long look at these saucy steamed buns...

The ultimate comfort food originating from Fuzhou, the capital of China’s Fujian province, bao buns are the perfect combo of a pillowy soft bun with crunchy peanuts, pickled veg and meats all stuffed inside. 

Apart from bao, you can also gorge upon rice bowls with sticky pork, spicy edamame beans and refreshing iced tea. IDEAL.

Bao House is located on 34 Aungier Street and is open from 8.30am-8pm Mon-Fri. 

Source: LovinDublin

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