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New Asian Street Food Café Hits the Streets of Dublin

Come for the Bao – Stay for the Amazing Culinary Experience

What: This Friday 27th of April at 12 pm 2018 will see the face of Dublin’s food scene change for the better! Offering nostalgia on a plate, Ireland’s newest Asian eatery is all about Bao is launching. A Taiwanese sandwich with its origins in the Chinese Fujian province, this is quintessential street food. Bao House, located on Aungier Street, is recreating those authentic flavours for the people of Dublin. With braised pork belly, duck confit, even fried chicken, these sandwiches are everything that delicious should be. In order to kick off the launch, they are offering a free Bao to all who come in and check it out.

Who: Bringing Bao House to Dublin was the brainchild of Wynne Liu. Having worked in the financial industry in Ireland for the past fifteen years, she has always been a fan of the city’s Chinese food scene; the problem, however, was that Bao was almost non-existent. Wynne thought why not bring this humble street food that packs an incredible culinary punch to those in Dublin looking to experience this fantastic sandwich or to give people from Asia who miss this breakfast, lunch, dinner and even late-night staple a fond memory of home.

When/Where: The launch event will take place from 12 pm until 2 pm in the new chic street café Bao House which is located at 34 Aungier’s Street Dublin 2. The event will be attended by the public, staff, food bloggers and friends of the Bao House.

You are welcome to attend, and the founder Wynne Liu will be available for interview at the launch.

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