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The Quintessential Street Food of Taiwan Comes to Dublin

Offering nostalgia on a plate, Ireland’s newest Asian eatery is all about Bao. A Taiwanese sandwich with its origins in the Chinese Fujian province, this is quintessential street food. And now Bao House, located on Aungier Street, is recreating those authentic flavours for the people of Dublin. With braised pork belly, duck confit, even fried chicken, these sandwiches are everything that delicious should be. This Friday, April 27th, The Bao House street café will open its doors at 12 pm and to kick off the launch, they are offering a free Bao to all who come in and check it out.

For those unfamiliar with this savory Asian bite, Gua Bao consists of a pillowy, almost marshmallow-like bun folded around a host of amazing taste and flavour combinations. You get the light airiness of the steamed bun combined with the richness of the pork or meat of your choice, accented by the crunchiness of pickled vegetables and peanuts. This simple food is ever so complex in its bold tastes.

Wynne Liu founder of the Bao House has been working in the financial district of Dublin for the past fifteen years now. And while she certainly appreciates all of the cuisines that the city has to offer, she saw a gap as far as Bao was concerned. “Bao is what the workers after a long hard day looked forward to; it is what students dreamed about while studying in class. Bao is comfort food in every sense of the term,” Ms. Liu explains. With her new venue, she is focused heavily on flavour and most definitely on quality. Only fresh ingredients sourced locally from the meat to the vegetables to the bun flour are used at Bao House. And all menu offerings are made from scratch every day. With the team, she has assembled—one that keenly understands the tradition and true spirit of Gua Bao—Ms. Liu is sure to help reinvent the Asian food scene in Ireland. “One of the wonderful things about Bao,” Ms. Liu notes, “is that given the smaller size, you don’t have to limit your options. Your palate is free to explore a wide range of combinations and pairings.” Bao House’s Gua Bao—a phrase that translates to ‘tiger bites pig’ so named due to the shape of the bun—are certain to expose Dubliners to a whole new street food experience. To discover for yourself what Bao truly is, head on down to Bao house this Friday, April 27th; from 12 pm until 2 pm you will not be disappointed. Follow us on Facebook @YUMOKITS and Instagram @YUMOKITS for upcoming news and events.


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