Bringing a true taste of Asia to Dubliners

A new chic Asian street food cafe has opened on Aungier Street.

Dublin is certainly known for its eclectic mix of cuisine, but one particular Asian flavor that is not so easily found is the Gua Bao, and Dublin’s newest Asian eatery is all about Bao.

Bao, is a tasty sandwich that originated in China and was eventually adapted to Taiwanese culture.

Across East and Southeast Asia, Gua Bao was originally sold along the streets to workers headed home exhausted and spent after a hard day’s work, or what students dreamed about while studying in class. It was the sustenance that served to refuel them and bring them much-needed warmth and comfort.

Bao is comfort food in every sense of the term, and now Bao House, on Aungier Street, is recreating those authentic flavours for the people of Dublin.

If you haven’t tried one yet – drool alert – imagine a soft and pillowy steamed buns filled with a nuanced combination of braised pork belly, or perhaps duck confit, garnished with pickled mustard greens, vegetables, peanuts, and coriander.

Bringing Bao House to Dublin was the brainchild of Wynne Liu. Having worked in the financial industry in Ireland for the past 15 years, she has always been a fan of the city’s Chinese food scene; the problem, however, was that she felt Bao was almost non-existent, so she decided to change that.