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Bao House Opens on Aungier Street

Good news for lovers of Bao, those pillowy soft Taiwanese buns filled with all kinds of delicious things, as Bao House has just opened on Aungier Street.

Founder Wynne Liu has been working in Dublin for the past 15 years, and saw an opportunity to bring Taiwanese comfort food to the Irish masses. Bao House will serve baos filled with braised pork belly, confit duck, fried chicken and the vegan tofu filled "Temple Bao".

This isn't Bao's first appearance in the city. Street food stall How Bao Now have been feeding lunchtime market crowds for the past few years, and you can find them on the menu in several Asian restaurants, but this is the first dedicated Bao shop.

Food is made fresh on site each day, and Bao House opens from 9am until the baos sell out, so don't leave it too late if you have your heart set on one.


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